Prices Includes Taxes and Onsite Installation

*Prices Subject To Change Without Notice*

Sheds Size


            4×8                                              32sq ft


            4×10                                           40sq ft


            4×12                                           48sq ft


            6×8                                              48sq ft


            6×10                                           60sq ft


            6×12                                           72sq ft


            8×8                                              64sq ft


            8×10                                           80sq ft


            8×12                                           96sq ft


            8×16                                           128sq ft


            10×10                                        100sq ft


            10×12                                        120sq ft


            10×14                                        140sq ft


            10×16                                        160sq ft


            10×20                                        200sq ft


            12×12                                        144sq ft


            12×16                                        192sq ft


            12×20                                        240sq ft


    Note: Prices subject to change based on current lumber and fuel costs. 

    *Tax and on-site installation is included.

    Free onsite installations   *   Concrete block leveling   *   Solid 3/4 plywood floor sheathing on 2×6 pt frame(16 oc)  *   2×4 wall studs (24 oc)  Custom made doors   *   Working windows   *   Locking door handles  *  
    4 inch overhangs    
    rot free trim  *  5 color options for shingles   *   Drip edge



    • All sheds are built on-site (no need to take down fencing).
    • Free delivery and installation of all sheds.
    • Leveling of site up to 12 inches (additional charge if over).

    • Payment Options: Balance is due upon completion. Payments can be made by securely with credit card, Cash, or Check. 
    • Delivery: We require that somebody must be home on the morning construction begins to ensure proper placement of shed, and to provide access to power for construction. Please make sure an outlet will be available for us to plug into.
    • Warranty: We offer a five-year structural guarantee against defective materials and workmanship. Damage by accident, neglect, or natural disaster is not included in this guarantee.
    • Permits: We are not responsible for obtaining town permits. But, I will help you as I can. 

    Choice of Shingle Colors

    Shed Options

    Additional 18x27" Windows - $100ea

    Windows are available in white. The bottom portion slides up and down and they have screens. Sheds up to 80sq ft include one window Sheds over 80sq ft include two windows

    24" Deep Workbench - $8 Linear Ft

    Our work bench runs the full width of the shed and is 24" deep. Perfect for a potting bench or tool bench. It also can be used as a nice storage shelf for boxes.

    32" Deep Loft - $10 Linear Ft

    Our storage loft runs the full width of the shed and is 32" deep. It is a great way to save floor space. Use it for bulky items like patio cushions or umbrellas.

    Heavy Duty Ramp - $100

    If you have a ride on mower, then you will want this ramp. We build them to withstand heavy loads.

    Custom Painting - $2.50 Per Sq Ft ($250 Minimum)

    We offer custom painting of your sheds. If you would like different color than the standard tan. We use Benjamin Moore Premium Paint.

    18" Wide Flower Boxes - $40ea

    Vinyl flower boxes are Available in White, Black, Green, Maroon, Blue

    9x27" Shutters - $40pr

    Vinyl shutters are Available in White, Black, Green, Maroon, Blue

    Extra Set Of Double Doors - $300

    Sometimes customers may want two sets of double doors for easier access into the shed.

    Extra Single Door - $200

    Old Shed Demo And Dump Service - $8 Sq Ft

    We offer shed demo and removal service in our local area. We charge $8,00 per square ft. Example: 10x10 Old Shed = 100sq ft so the price would be $800 to demo and dump.

    Standard Side Wall is 6.5ft Tall

    Extra High 7ft Side Walls - $200 High Top 8ft Side Walls - $300

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